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Why Is Testing Important?

Getting results you trust allows you to have clear answers that you can use to plan your next steps. We know it can cause you to be unsure and experience anxiousness, so we’re here to help you gain the knowledge you need and walk you through all your options.

What If I Already Took A Pregnancy Test?

We understand wanting answers you can trust. That’s why we ask you to schedule an appointment and take a free pregnancy test at our center. Even if you received a positive pregnancy test at home, take another test to ensure you get an accurate result. Some variables can cause you to receive a false result. We can help walk you through the process and ensure you’re taking the test correctly.

How Do Pregnancy Tests Work?

Pregnancy tests detect a pregnancy hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG for short. This hormone begins to build quickly after conception. Once enough has been produced, HCG will be present in the urine and blood and can be detected when a pregnancy test is used.

What Type Of Pregnancy Test Is Used?

Our facility uses a quality urine test that is very sensitive to the pregnancy hormone, so it’s able to provide highly accurate results.

Is Testing Free?

Yes, our reliable pregnancy tests are completely free, as are our appointments. There is no need for insurance. All services and appointments are completely complimentary.

When Will I Recieve My Results?

You will receive your pregnancy test results during your appointment. These tests have fast result times, so there is no waiting. You can get clear answers so you can plan your next step confidently.

Are My Results Confidential?

Yes, we take protecting your private information seriously. We do not share your appointments, services, or results with anyone but you.


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